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Milkyway Blood Feud 11″ Beaker Bong w/ Collins Perc

$ 229.99

Presenting the Blood Feud 11″ Beaker Bong with Collins Perc.

Vera was a Phoenix of the highest order. Her kind roamed the skies as far back as tales were told. Their fiery tails left glimmering ribbons of light behind them as they soared the skies, disappearing behind the glare of the sun, as if that was their home.  It was said that they were mothers to the earth, a manifestation of Gaia. New life would flourish in the wake of their presence, nurturing the land and bringing new hope.

If darkness had a name, it would be Darthor… This dragon of ancient descent was born under unusual circumstances. It is known that dragons are born in water, deep in the seas. However, Darthor was the only one to have emerged from molten magma. This was no ordinary place. It is the lowest point in the ocean, referred to as ‘Phantom’s Corridor’.  The tribes native revered Darthor as a demon god, worshiped and offered human sacrifices to appease his delicate ego.

Darthor is believed to be the last of his kin. His ancestors were wiped out in the wars between dragon kind and the order of the Phoenix. Vera and Darthor’s history is a rivalry soaked in blood and death. Since discovering the Bio-Tech Orb, he thinks of nothing else. The power of the orb is all consuming to lowly minds. After losing the orb to Vera in their last encounter, his obsession to regain it has warped his mind. He sees Vera as a reflection of his own weakness. How else could the mighty Darthor, born of magma, be worthy if there is even one being that does not kneel before him.

Each has taken the life of one close to the other. Their forefathers engaged in combat before them and their fathers before them. Darthor’s body still bears the scars of Vera’s talons after they ripped through his scaly armor-clad exterior. Had it not been for Vera, Darthor would have ushered in a deathly misery long ago. A dragon is a being of momentum. To allow one to cause chaos only brings more chaos.

Vera sets aside her gentle nature to do what is needed. Now in possession of the Bio-Tech Orb, she stands a chance to vanquish Darthor once and for all.

This phoenix bong and dragon bong design comes with ice pinch, Collins perc, and colored Orbit bowl.