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Milkyway DNA Codex 14″ Beaker

$ 209.99

Introducing the Milkyway DNA Codex 14" Beaker from our Bio-Tech Collection. This updated version showcases a sleek white tube and a sturdy 15mm thick base, combining aesthetics with durability.

The pattern on the tube has been meticulously designed to provide the perfect ergonomic non-slip grip, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold during your smoking sessions. Immerse yourself in the exquisite craftsmanship that incorporates our signature icons, the heart and brain, into the captivating design.

Included with the Milkyway DNA Codex Beaker is a black stem and Orbit bowl, completing the ensemble with a touch of sophistication. This combination of premium components ensures a seamless smoking experience with every use.

Unleash the power of the Milkyway DNA Codex 14" Beaker and elevate your smoking rituals to new heights. Explore the harmonious fusion of biology and technology as you enjoy the smooth hits and sleek aesthetics this beaker provides.

Experience the sophistication and functionality of the Milkyway DNA Codex 14" Beaker. Let its intricate design and high-quality components enhance your smoking pleasure. Order yours today and discover the perfect union of artistry and performance.