Milkyway Glass 7" Tall Circuitboard Dab Rig – Mary Jane's Headquarters
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Milkyway Glass 7" Tall Circuitboard Dab Rig

$ 149.99

These beautiful dab rigs made by Milkyway Glass have a sleek, stylish look to them that will be a center piece for sure! Not only are they incredibly good looking, they are also 9 mm thick! All of they're designs are etched in and frosted so they will never wash off! 

The signature Milkyway circuitboard design. Digitizing the heart and mind, this 7” sidecar is a digital representation of ourselves. It’s comfortable and sturdy with an extra thick base for balance. This piece contains a showerhead perc.

This piece in specific comes with a 14mm herbal bowl but pairs perfectly with a 14mm 90° banger.