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Milkyway Roswell 1947 14″ Beaker Bong

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A creature emerges slowly, injured and trepidatious. The hot ground singes its skinny limbs as it crawls away from the burning wreckage. A crackle in the desert blue sky is nothing more than a blip to the untrained eye, but Mac has worked this ranch his whole long life. He knows that summers in Roswell are always the same: hot, bleak, dry; he has looked out on that blue and white sky day after day, and never has he seen such a thing. He makes his way over, chest tight. Something strange is afoot.

By the time Mac arrives at the scene, the creature has hidden away, and before him is only the wreckage the spaceship has left in its wake. Across the way, Mac sees the sheriff, George Wilcox, stumble over, pausing in awe to take in what’s before him. They stand there for another moment, perplexed and paralyzed.

A whipping sound from up above draws Mac’s attention back to the sky, where fire jets swoop in. Sirens and booming voices over loudspeakers tell Mac and the Sheriff to back away from the crash as soldiers dressed in black fatigues commandeer the scene. Mac and the Sheriff answer their questions but have little information to offer beyond what they saw falling out of the sky.

The creature, its origins unknown, was found two days later by the U.S. government not far from the crash site. They take it away, never to be heard of again, destiny unknown. The U.S. government sends out a press release, announcing the discovery of an unidentified flying object from a ranch in Roswell. The following day, the Roswell Daily Record runs a story about the crash and the U.S.’ astonishing claim about this alien object. Public panic ensues and confidence in the U.S. government sways.

U.S. officials quickly recant their claims. Upon further examination, they asserted, it was just a weather balloon. Everyone involved corroborates this latest story, from Mac to the Office of the U.S. President and peace is restored.

With peace, pedestrian life continued as usual, but not without remnants of suspicion. There were those who considered the presence of additional covert matters that have been shielded from the public and most bureaucratic officials. To pull off such an elaborate cover-up, many civilians agreed that ordinary government agencies would not have the resources available; only an elite and classified operative could pull this task off. Whispers of the Majestic-12 (MJ-12), an alleged secret committee of twelve scientists, military leaders, and government officials, slip through the lips of suspicious civilians. Stories passed down from generations and statements on deathbeds tell secrets of a force that was supposedly formed in 1947, called upon by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman after the events of Roswell. Until the records that are hidden in the deepest lairs of the so-called ‘MJ-12’ are surfaced, aliens will remain a forgotten truth that will forever be a symbol of dystopia that, unbeknown to most, has already come.