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My Bud Vase Bongs

$ 190.00

Yemaya: The queen of the high seas has arrived, and she’s making quite a splash--say Shell-o to Yemaya! Whether swimming solo or paddling with your pod, no seaweed sesh is complete without her.

Aurora: Stare in awe as her iridescence shines like a beacon of creativity. An electrical phenomenon characterized by her natural display of colours. Lustrous and luxurious, the magnetism can be felt as you hold this vase. Only seen at a high latitude, she's the perfect partner to take you out of this world.

Coyote: This ceramic My Bud Vase features a sand textured covering and a matte painted full bodied base. She comes with the succulent topper and the bottle-brush style faux flower poker that matches her lone stripe of colour and her custom bowl.

Rachel: This is a perfectly-shaped pink porcelain vase with delicate white relief flowers that are as beautiful as they are functional. The pale pink paper rosebuds add the perfect amount of sophistication. Monica will highlight any room's decor. The right gift to share with your closest friends!

Valerie: Meet Valerie, our bell-shaped beauty who's always ready for a festive occasion. Like a true party girl, she is dressed to impress with her fancy red glass bubble bowl, miniature ornaments, and seasonal pinecone flower poker.