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Nail Crown

$ 24.99

The Nail Crown is a safety product for dabbing and handling hot objects. This specific Nail crown changing color based on the temperature of the object you are grabbing.


  • Handling hot nails
  • Covering hot nails when not in use
  • Storing concentrates
  • Storing dab tools

Cruz Culture is at it again! Revolutionizing the industry with the new Nail Crown All-In-One. This advancement from their original Nail Crown has created the Swiss Army Knife of the industry. Made from platinum cured silicone and medical grade titanium, the Nail Crown All-In-One has it all and it even changes color depending on the temperature of the objects it is grabbing. In addition to all the capabilities of our original Nail Crown, new features include:

– 6 unique titanium tools with silicone handles.

– A container for storing your herbal concentrate.

– A stand for holding the titanium tools while using.

– A titanium carb cap.

– An antimicrobial glass wipe.

– A notch to accommodate the cord of an e-nail.