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Neon Tiki 8.5" Tall 3D Painted Water Pipe

$ 99.99

Transform your smoking ritual into an electrifying journey with the Neon Tiki 8.5" Tall 3D Painted Water Pipe. This captivating piece of glassware is not just a water pipe; it's an artistic masterpiece that infuses your sessions with a burst of neon energy.

Key Features:

1. Striking Height: Standing at 8.5 inches tall, this straight pipe body is designed to deliver smooth, flavorful hits while making a bold statement in your collection.

2. 3D Painted Design: The Neon Tiki design is a testament to artistic prowess. This 3D painted masterpiece features UV-reactive accents, adding an extra layer of magic to your sessions when exposed to blacklight.

3. Complete Set: The package includes a 14mm male herb slide with a handle, ensuring you have everything you need to elevate your smoking experience right out of the box.

4. Unique Designs: Please note that the designs vary, adding an element of surprise and collectability to your purchase.

The Neon Tiki 8.5" Tall 3D Painted Water Pipe isn't just a water pipe; it's a portal to a world of neon paradise. Whether you're enjoying solo sessions or sharing the experience with friends, this pipe promises to deliver a smooth and electrifying journey. Embrace the fusion of art and function with this vibrant addition to your collection. Elevate your smoking ritual with the Neon Tiki Water Pipe today!