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NEW Mary Jane's HQ Branded Grinders

$ 39.99

The Mary Janes HQ branded 4-piece grinder is a high-quality accessory for those who enjoy grinding and preparing their herbs. Made from durable materials, this grinder features four distinct pieces that work together to create a smooth and consistent grind.

The top piece of the grinder is adorned with the Mary Janes HQ logo and features a magnetic closure to keep the grinder securely closed during use. The second piece is where the grinding takes place, with diamond-shaped teeth that make quick work of even the toughest herbs.

The third piece of the grinder serves as a catch tray, where ground herbs collect after passing through the grinding teeth. Finally, the bottom piece features a fine mesh screen that filters out any unwanted particles, ensuring a pure and enjoyable smoking experience.

The Mary Janes HQ branded 4-piece grinder is easy to use and easy to clean, making it the perfect addition to any smoker's collection. Its compact size also makes it easy to take on the go, whether you're traveling with friends or simply enjoying a solo smoke session.

Overall, the Mary Janes HQ branded 4-piece grinder is a must-have accessory for anyone who takes their smoking experience seriously. With its durable construction, efficient grinding teeth, and easy-to-use design, this grinder is sure to become a staple in your smoking routine.