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OCB Rolling Papers

$ 1.99

 A Variety of premium OCB papers, from Organic Hemp to the Ultimate.

OCB PREMIUM LINE: ULTRA-THIN ROLLING PAPERS: OCB Premium rolling papers are manufactured for maximum thinness and slowest burn - offering an unmatched rolling experience. The papers are made from natural flax plant fibers and are so thin they are virtually transparent. 

OCB ORGANIC HEMP: NATURAL UNBLEACHED PAPERS: OCB Organic is the choice for anyone who prefers a 100% Natural Experience. Only hemp grown and harvested on organic farms is used in the OCB Organic line of products. The ultra-thin papers are unbleached and unrefined - you can even see variations in the shade of leaves depending on that years harvest. These papers are just as mother nature intended. 


In respect of the environment, OCB Rolling Paper booklets are printed with vegetable inks and on recycled cardboard

The OCB X-PERT Line: These papers are 4 MM slimmer than your standard king size. Less paper smoked in every roll. 

OCB Ultimate Papers: The Ultimate Series features the thinnest OCB Papers of all time. At just 10 grams per square meter, they are specially meant for advanced roll your own enthusiasts. In addition to the King Size slim papers, this pack also includes 32 matching filter tips.

No more unraveling rollups - OCB papers feature the gum that always sticks - 100% Natural Arabic Gum that is both vegetarian and GMO-Free.