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Og 16” Pirelli Perc Beaker

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OG 16” Pirelli Perc Beaker: A Symphony of Height, Perculation, and Style

Elevate your smoking experience to new heights with the OG 16” Pirelli Perc Beaker, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends form and function. This towering beaker bong is designed to deliver a powerful and sophisticated smoking session.

Key Features:

  1. Impressive 16-Inch Height: Reach for the skies with this commanding 16-inch beaker. The height of the OG Pirelli Perc Beaker ensures an expansive chamber, allowing for optimal smoke diffusion and delivering hits that leave a lasting impression.

  2. Unique Pirelli Perc: Experience the innovation of the Pirelli Perc, a cutting-edge percolation system designed for smooth and consistent hits. Watch as bubbles dance through the perc, creating a visual spectacle that enhances your smoking ritual.

  3. Premium Borosilicate Glass: Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, the OG Pirelli Perc Beaker promises durability and clarity. The robust 7mm thick glass ensures a reliable piece that can withstand the demands of regular use.

  4. Classic Beaker Design: The iconic beaker shape not only exudes stability but also provides ample water capacity for optimal smoke diffusion. The wide base ensures a secure foundation, preventing accidental tips or spills.

  5. Sleek Aesthetics: The OG Pirelli Perc Beaker boasts sleek and modern aesthetics. The attention to detail in design adds a touch of sophistication to your smoking collection, making it a standout piece in any setting.

  6. Ice Pinch for Cool Hits: Customize your experience with the integrated ice pinch. Add ice cubes to the chamber for cooler, smoother draws, allowing you to savor the full flavor profile of your favorite herbs.

  7. Easy to Clean: Maintenance is a breeze with the OG Pirelli Perc Beaker. Disassemble effortlessly for quick and hassle-free cleaning, ensuring each session is as pure and enjoyable as the first.

Embark on a journey of sophistication and style with the OG 16” Pirelli Perc Beaker. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a casual smoker, this beaker sets the standard for an extraordinary smoking experience that combines height, perculation, and style.