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OG Original 8" Tall Tube Dab Rig

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Step up your dabbing game with the OG Original 8" Tall Tube Dab Rig, designed for enthusiasts seeking a seamless and superior experience. This compact yet powerful rig is the epitome of expert craftsmanship and top-notch performance, tailored for both seasoned aficionados and newcomers alike.

Constructed from high-quality borosilicate glass, this 8-inch dab rig is engineered to withstand high temperatures and provide a durable, reliable solution for your concentrates. The clear glass design not only showcases the inner workings of your dabs but also adds a sleek, minimalist aesthetic to your collection.

The OG Original features a straightforward, efficient design with a fixed downstem that delivers smooth, filtered hits. The rig is equipped with a quartz banger that ensures optimal flavor and heat retention, highlighting the purity and taste of your concentrates without any compromise.

The ergonomic design includes a sturdy base that provides stability during use, making it less likely to tip and safer for tabletop use. Its compact size makes it ideal for both home and travel, ensuring that premium dabbing sessions are always within reach.

Make the most of your concentrates with the OG Original 8" Tall Tube Dab Rig, where functionality meets elegance in a classic, timeless design. Perfect for those who appreciate simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness in their dabbing setup.