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Roach Clips (Set of 4)

$ 14.99

Pterodactyl:  Each clip has a hand blown glass Pterodactyl character on the top. 

Pineapple: Each clip has a hand blown glass pineapple on the top

Ogopogo: Represent the Okanagan myth with these small metal joint clips which are perfect for holding your pre-rolled smokes during your smoke sesh. Each clip has a hand blown glass Baby Ogogpogo character on the top. Comes as a set of 4 in assorted colours and measures approx. 2.5 inches long.

Roach Clip Features:

  • 4 piece set
  • Spring loaded clip
  • Holds pre-rolled smokes
  • Hand-blown glass decoration
  • Assorted shapes
  • Assorted colours