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Preemo 9 inch UFO Percolator Middle

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The Preemo 9" UFO Percolator Middle is a type of water pipe or bong used for smoking cannabis or tobacco. It features a unique UFO percolator that is encased in a tapered glass chamber. The percolator is designed to diffuse smoke by separating it and pushing it out in more directions, resulting in a cooler and smoother hit.

The chamber is tapered, which means it gradually narrows towards the mouthpiece. This design creates a more concentrated smoke that is easier to inhale. The glass used in the chamber has a thickness of 7mm, making it sturdy and durable.

The widest diameter of the tube is 120mm, which indicates the width of the main chamber of the bong. The bong comes in a variety of colors, including black, blue, green, pink, and topaz.

The Preemo 9" UFO Percolator Middle is a high-quality water pipe that offers a unique smoking experience. Its UFO percolator and tapered chamber design make it a popular choice among smoking enthusiasts who value smooth hits and effective diffusion.