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Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Thermo Series Variable Voltage Vape Bar

$ 49.99

Introducing the Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Thermo Series: Transform Your Vaping Experience!

Get ready to add a touch of magic to your vape sessions with the Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Thermo Series! These bar-style vape batteries don't just offer discreet vaping; they bring a new level of cool to the table. With a dash of warmth from your hand, watch as the vape exterior transforms, shifting colors before your eyes. It's not just vaping; it's a visual experience.

Functionality meets style in the Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Thermo Series. This vape bar lets users keep their cartridge use low-key with its low-profile design. Attaching a 510 cartridge is effortless: remove the magnetic base, attach the cartridge, screw it on, and secure the base. The upgraded design fits cartridges up to 2mL with a max diameter of 0.55 inches, ensuring compatibility with various options.

Just like its predecessor, this auto-draw vape offers intuitive control. Power on/off and voltage adjustments are at your fingertips — or should we say, at your gentle puffs. Five puffs for power, two for pre-heat mode, and three for voltage changes. For those who prefer the classics, the base button offers an alternative control method. Click or puff — the choice is yours, making every session tailored to your preference.

What sets the Thermo Series apart is its updated battery, packing twice the power of the original. It ensures your customers can keep the party going all night, all while keeping their secret safe. The LED indicator signals low battery, giving a heads-up for a recharge via the convenient USB-C cable (not included).

Elevate your vaping experience with the Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Thermo Series — where style, function, and innovation converge. It's not just a vape; it's a statement, promising a vaping experience that's as visually captivating as it is satisfying. Transform your vaping journey today!