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Pulsar 7.25" Ice Cream Sundae Rig for the Puffco Proxy - Assorted Colours

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Indulge in a sweet and smooth smoking experience with the Pulsar Ice Cream Water Pipes. Standing at 7.25 inches (18.4cm), these pipes are not just functional, but a delightful treat for the eyes too. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, each pipe features a disc-style percolator for a smoother hit.

Designed with the appearance of a delicious ice cream sundae complete with whipped cream and a cherry on top, these pipes add a touch of whimsy to your smoking sessions. What sets these pipes apart is their compatibility with the Puffco Proxy Vaporizer, making them a must-have for enthusiasts looking to enhance their vaporizing experience.

Each pipe comes with a built-in attachment custom-made to fit the Puffco Proxy, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable session. Sold in assorted colors that may vary from images, these pipes not only deliver excellent performance but also add a pop of color and fun to your collection.

Get ready to enjoy your favorite herbs in style, with a pipe that not only delivers smooth hits but also brings a scoop of joy to your smoking routine. Embrace the art of relaxation with these delightful Pulsar Ice Cream Water Pipes.