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Pulsar Barb Fire H2O Variable Voltage Wax Vape Kit | 1450mAh

$ 194.99

Add a bit of H2-oh snap! to your next dab session!

This comprehensive, multi-function kit includes a bubbler attachment that will bubble your troubles away. Made from quality glass, the bubbler has a downstem diffuser and custom made aluminum carb cap. Not feeling so bubbly? Take it to the next level by slipping on the silicone water pipe adapter to run the Barb Fire through your favorite water pipe or dab rig. And of course, this vape can be used on its own, just like the original Barb Fire.

From the smoke-savvy minds of Pulsar, the Barb Fire Vaporizer features a powerful, long-lasting battery and more custom options than run-of-the-mill dab pens! These wax vape pens feature a dual ribbon twist Kanthal wrapped quartz coil and a ceramic lined chamber so users can get the best possible flavor, no matter the quality of their concentrates.

With a heat time of just 5 seconds and a 10-second hands-free Sesh Mode, vape users can sesh quickly and discreetly, at home or on the go.

The Barb Fire Vaporizer features four voltage settings to suit those who love smooth flavorful hits and those who aim for huge smoke clouds and large rips.

All of this comes in a matching crushproof storage case that is lined with padding to protect the device between uses. The interior has a zipper pocket where users can store the micro USB charge cord, the metal base stand, dab tools, and more! These sleek and hardy cases will look absolutely enticing on your shelves!

Kit Includes:
  • Pulsar Barb Fire Vaporizer
  • Metal Base Stand
  • Bubbler Attachment
  • Metal Carb Cap
  • Micro USB Charge Cord
  • Metal Dab Tool
  • Silicone Water Pipe Adapter
  • Replacement O-Rings
  • Carrying Case
  • Manual