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Pulsar Hieroglyph Series Ramses Water Pipe | 10" |

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Step into the captivating world of ancient civilizations with the Pulsar Hieroglyph Series! These borosilicate glass pipes are a remarkable fusion of art and functionality, paying homage to the rich history and culture of the past.

Crafted with a conical chamber, each pipe features a percolator designed to resemble an Egyptian ruin, adding an air of mystique and history to your smoking experience.

Adorned with a decorative scarab marble on the front, these pipes boast intricate details that mirror the beauty and significance of ancient Egyptian symbols.

At the apex of this majestic creation, the crowned head of Pharaoh Ramses rules over each smoking session, adding a regal and majestic touch to your sesh.

Standing tall at 10 inches (25.4cm), these pipes are more than just smoking devices; they are artistic masterpieces that transport you to an era of grandeur and wonder.

Each pipe comes with a matching 14mm male herb slide, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable smoking experience.

With colors varying, each Pulsar Hieroglyph Series pipe is a unique and coveted item, capturing the essence of ancient Egyptian culture and art.

Invite your customers to embark on a fascinating journey through history with the Pulsar Hieroglyph Series - an exceptional and artistic tribute to the past. Experience the power and wisdom of Pharaoh Ramses as you enjoy every sesh with this extraordinary smoking companion.