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Puretane Ultra-Refined Butane

$ 8.99
Do you find yourself obsessed with finding the purest out-of-can N-Butane possible? Well, folks, it's high time you called off your search.
'Cause we've got just what the doctor ordered!
Every can of Puretane N-Butane features:
  • Triple-Refined Fractional Distillation
    • Fractional distillation, in simpler terms, is a specialized form of distillation that separates two or more substances into their more basic chemical compounds.
  • 9x Filtrated
    • Post-refinement, Puretane is then filtered 9 times over. This process removes lingering impurities, producing an epically clean 99.9998% PURE N-Butane (0.0002% Iso-Butane).
  • Food-Grade Quality Cans
    • Puretane utilizes American-made seamless aluminium cans. These specialized cans are specifically lined with a food-grade, BPA-free plastic. This hybrid plastic completely eliminates the use of manufacturing lubricants being used during production - giving you the purist N-Butane possible!