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Raw Black Organic Hemp Unrefined Rolling Papers

$ 2.58

Celebrate 16 years of RAW with RAW Black Organic Hemp - a true marvel in the world of rolling papers! Unveiling the thinnest and slowest burning unbleached hemp paper we've ever crafted, RAW Black takes smoking to a whole new level.

Each leaf boasts an unprecedented thinness and minimal porosity, delivering an exceptionally slow burn that preserves the essence of your herbs - the terpenes. Made from natural hemp and water, every sheet is finished with a sustainably harvested organic gum sourced from Acacia tree sap.

Stay true to the essence of nature with RAW, as our papers are crafted from natural plants, free from any burn additives. RAW Black was specially designed for a new generation of discerning smokers - those who seek top-tier smoking materials and demand the utmost in quality and performance.

Experience the pinnacle of smoking pleasure with RAW Black Organic Hemp - a choice reserved for expert smokers who appreciate the art of slow-burning perfection. Elevate your smoking game and embrace the essence of RAW Black today!