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Santa Cruz Shredder Biodegradable Hemp Rolling Tray

$ 14.99

Santa Cruz Shredder hemp rolling trays have been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and usability. Measuring at 7.75" across and 5.75" tall, these rolling trays feature a built-in lip designed to funnel the contents of the rolling tray into one corner making cleaning and filling so much easier. Made from 100% biodegradable hemp, these trays are extremely friendly to the plant and extremely strong and durable. These hemp rolling trays from Santa Cruz Shredder will last for years and become a permit fixture of your collection. 

Santa Cruz Shredder Tray Features:

  • Size: Small (7.75" x 5.75")
  • Biodegradable Hemp Tray
  • Made from Natural Hemp
  • Extremely Durable & Long Lasting
  • Pour Spout
  • Assorted Colours (Colours Vary)