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Scorch Rocket Design Torch

$ 34.99

Introducing the Scorch Rocket Design Torch, a bold and powerful accessory crafted for those who seek both style and performance in their smoking tools. This torch lighter stands out with its unique rocket-inspired design, combining aesthetic appeal with robust functionality.

The Scorch Rocket Design Torch features a durable build, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Its ergonomic shape provides a comfortable grip, allowing for precise and easy use. The torch produces a strong, consistent flame, making it ideal for lighting cigars, pipes, or other smoking materials with ease.

Designed for convenience, the Scorch Rocket Design Torch is compact and portable, making it a perfect companion for both home use and on-the-go smoking sessions. Its eye-catching design not only serves as a practical tool but also adds a touch of flair to your collection.

Experience the perfect blend of innovation and style with the Scorch Rocket Design Torch, a standout piece that delivers exceptional performance every time.

Sold Individually!