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Skunk Hemp Wraps

$ 2.99
  • SKUNK BRAND | Skunk Brand wraps and papers are sneaky delicious! Crafted in small batches and tested rigorously, these products have been a fan favorite for over 20 years.
  • HEMP WRAPS | Skunk genuine toasted hemp wraps are infused with natural terpenes from the hemp plant. These are a great tobacco-free option for anyone who loves blunt wraps.
  • LEMON CAKE | The Lemon Cake flavor is sweet and citrusy without being overpowering. The flavor is a complement to the natural terpene flavors in each cannabis strain.
  • SLOW BURN | Skunk wraps and papers are created with a special Skunk watermark pattern. This watermark prevents runs and allows for longer burn time and much smoother inhales.