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US Caliber Designs .50 Water Pipe | 9.25" | 19mm F

$ 154.99

Introducing the US Caliber Designs .50 Water Pipe, a revolutionary piece with a patent-pending bullet-shaped design and exceptional features. Crafted with precision and innovation, this water pipe is a true standout in the world of smoking accessories.

The .50 Caliber Water Pipe boasts a durable aircraft-grade aluminum base, ensuring longevity and stability. Its unique turbine-style percolator provides optimal percolation for smooth and enjoyable hits. The glass is thoughtfully designed with guide measurements, allowing users to experience the perfect level of percolation every time.

With a built-in splash guard, the .50 Caliber Water Pipe prioritizes functionality and minimizes the risk of water reaching your lips. The exterior is adorned with eye-catching US Caliber decals, adding a touch of style and individuality to the piece.

Each water pipe is accompanied by its own padded carry case, complete with a zipper closure, providing secure and convenient storage. Additionally, an included 19mm male herb slide with a handle enhances your smoking experience.

Measuring 9.25 inches (23.5cm) tall, this water pipe strikes the perfect balance between size and portability. Choose from multiple color options to suit your personal style and preference.

Experience the unmatched performance and innovation of the US Caliber Designs .50 Water Pipe. Elevate your smoking sessions with this exceptional piece and enjoy the ultimate combination of functionality, style, and convenience. Unleash the power of this remarkable water pipe and indulge in a smoking experience like no other.