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Vagabond Glass - Mr. E.T. 10mm Rig

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I pity the fool that doesnt get to hit this rig!

This Vagabond Glass: Playing with Fire since 1998.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles, learned to blow glass while living in Portland, met my wife and started our family in Mexico and had our second kid in Canada, where we currently are. We have traveled, lived and torched all over the west coast of North America, hence the Vagabond name. Also adding to the namesake, I have set up shop in school buses, a motor home, and travel trailers, to name a few. Glass blowing is not a hobby for me, it is my passion and my livelihood. When you purchase an item from my shop you are putting food on my family's table. Check back here and on my Facebook and Instagram Pages often, as I post new creations almost daily! Featured on The Redbeard Show