Vaporizer Bong Attachment Adapter (14mm or 19mm) – Mary Jane's Headquarters

Vaporizer Bong Attachment Adapter (14mm or 19mm)

$ 17.99

Vaporizers are smooth, but sometimes your lungs can't handle even a little bit of heat from a dry herb vaporizer or a concentrate vape.  Add this glass on glass vaporizer adapter to your 14mm or 19mm bong to let the water and perculators do their work to cool your vaporized herb down. 

Simply add a food grade hose which we call whips to your vaporizer's mouthpiece, pull off your bubbler, bong or rig to pull the vaporized herbs vapor for the smoothest vape you could imagine. 

Use your bong's ice pinch, or build a bong freezer piece to step it up a notch.

Comes in 14mm and 19mm