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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizers by Storz & Bickel

$ 999.99

The Volcano Vaporizer! This is arguably the top-rated vaporizer across all walks of vape enthusiasts, newbies and aficionados alike. Storz & Bickel's Digital Volcano vaporizer embodies every facet of ease-of-use and lifetime quality!

Each Volcano vaporizer is crafted in Germany with the highest quality of food-safe, flavourless and heat-resilient materials to enable the most premium and plentiful vapor delivery possible.

Built to exceed well beyond the daily demands of even the most unruly of vaporizer users, the Volcano vape has extremely precise digital heating control that gently heats your herb and never burns.

The Volcano Hybrid offers best-in-class heating within 1-2 minutes. The control panel can be controlled via a touch button, and the renowned German craftsmanship makes the Volcano Hybrid a flagship product for any store. Order this limited edition "Onyx Edition" Volcano Vaporizers while supplies last!