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Vuse ePods

$ 17.99


Introducing our specially crafted range of flavors, designed exclusively for Vuse, and available in one nicotine strength - 1.6% or 18mg/ml.

At Vuse, we take pride in our proprietary nicotine blend, meticulously formulated to deliver an extra smooth experience. Our blend is purposefully crafted to cater to adult smokers seeking to transition away from traditional tobacco products.

With Vuse, you can explore a diverse selection of flavors carefully curated to satisfy every palate. Each flavor is designed to complement our smooth nicotine blend, providing a delightful vaping experience that echoes the essence of tobacco while embracing a fresh and innovative approach.

Embrace the journey of change with Vuse, as we welcome adult smokers to explore our exceptional range of flavors and discover the ease of transitioning to a smoother, more satisfying alternative. Try Vuse today and savor the evolution of vaping.