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Water Pipe Bottle

$ 14.99
  1. Bottle: Select a bottle made of glass or durable plastic. Make sure it's clean and free from any harmful residues.

  2. Downstem: You'll need a downstem, typically a tube that extends into the water and directs the smoke into the bottle. You can purchase a downstem or create one from materials like a metal tube or even a pen tube.

  3. Bowl: Choose a bowl or create one from materials like a metal socket or small container to hold your smoking material.

  4. Rubber Grommet or Sealant: Ensure an airtight seal where the downstem enters the bottle. A rubber grommet or suitable sealant can be used.

  5. Water: Fill the bottle with enough water to submerge the downstem without causing it to bubble into the bowl.


  1. Prepare the Bottle: Clean the bottle thoroughly, removing any labels or adhesives. Ensure the bottle is dry.

  2. Create a Hole for the Downstem: Use a drill or another suitable tool to create a hole in the bottle cap or side for the downstem. This hole should be the right size for a snug fit.

  3. Insert the Downstem: Place the downstem into the hole, making sure it's secure and airtight. If needed, use a rubber grommet or sealant to create a proper seal.

  4. Prepare the Bowl: Attach the bowl to the other end of the downstem.

  5. Fill with Water: Fill the bottle with water, making sure the downstem is submerged without water entering the bowl.

  6. Test: Before using any smoking material, perform a test to ensure the water pipe functions as intended. If there are any issues, adjust the components accordingly.