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Windchimes and Bells

$ 18.99

Add some music to your outdoor space with our beautiful windchimes and bells. The Pentacle and Moon Hanging Bells feature a polished brass pentacle adorned with purple bead accents, from which three bells hang. When blown by the wind, these bells create a mystically enchanting sound. The Double Row Buddha Temple Bamboo Windchimes are a unique and calming addition to any outdoor space. The windchime features a polyresin Buddha seated beneath his temple, deep in meditation. The temple-inspired base holds a double row of chimes and two clappers, all crafted from natural bamboo. The Lotus Bamboo Windchimes are a beautiful and natural addition to any outdoor space. The black lotus flower is strung atop the base of the natural bamboo chime, and the lotus flower pattern continues on to each of the chimes and the clapper. These windchimes are handcrafted in Indonesia, where the climate is usually hot and humid. While they may be susceptible to minor cracks due to extreme temperature or humidity changes, these cracks are considered a condition inherent to these products and will not affect the gentle sounds created by a nice summer breeze.