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8 Helpful Tips to Enhance Your Vape Juice

8 Helpful Tips to Enhance Your Vape Juice

October 20, 2020

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Is there a better feeling than just sitting back, relaxing, and taking a satisfying hit of your favorite vape juice? Not many things can compare to that. All of your worries about current events and daily stresses just melt away. 

Can you go a step further and improve the experience with dry herb vapes and vape juices even more? Of course! The best part about vaping is that you can customize almost every aspect of it and fine-tune your vape juices and vaping devices to perfection. So, check out the best tips for doing vape juice and taking your vape sessions to the next level. 

1. Mix and Match to Your Heart’s Content 

The most attractive characteristic of vaping is the wide availability of different vape juice flavors. Menthol, grape, and bubblegum are just some of the thousands of unique flavorings used. But while you can find virtually any type of vape juice online, you can also enjoy mixing and matching them at home to get something completely different. 

For the best results, make sure to mix e-liquids with the same PG to VG ratio as they’ll have roughly the same consistency.

2. Switch up the Flavors Every So Often 

If you find a vape juice that you love, stock up on it. But also remember to switch up the flavors every so often. 

If you vape just a single flavor all the time, you’ll get too accustomed to it. You’ll stop tasting its subtle notes and accents, so vaping it can become boring. 

To avoid this problem, switch up the flavors regularly, or try vaping unflavored e-liquids on occasion.

3. Adjust the Taste With Unflavored Vape Juice 

Certain vape juices have an amazing taste but become too overwhelming after a draw or two. In case you’ve found an e-liquid with the perfect flavor profile that’s, unfortunately, a bit too strong for you, offset it with an unflavored juice. 

Mixing in unflavored e-liquids will dilute the original flavor and provide a more pleasant throat hit.

4. Use the Right Vape Juice for the Right Vaporizer 

Every vaporizer is different, and you shouldn’t expect all e-liquids to be compatible with all devices. Some vaporizers work well with high PG e-liquids and can get damaged if you use viscous vape juice with a higher VG ratio. Some work perfectly with high VG vape juices but will burn thinner liquids. Others still are designed as dry herb vapes and cannot work with e-liquids at all. 

So, make sure you’re using vape juices that are compatible with your device.

5. Give Dry Herbs a Try 

Dry herbs are completely different from vaping e-liquids. You need a specialized vaporizer and a bit more technical knowledge. But it can be well worth it. 

While most people think that cannabis is the only dry herb that can be vaped, you have plenty of choices. You can vape peppermint, basil, green tea, lavender, eucalyptus, and many others. If you’re interested in expanding your vaping horizons, dry herbs can be a unique experience.

6. Shake Things up 

If you prefer to stick to vape juices, remember to shake things up – quite literally. Before you fill up your tank, it’s a good idea to shake up your e-liquid to ensure a homogenous mix. 

When you store e-liquids for a while, they tend to separate. Heavier ingredients float to the bottom of the bottle, while lighter ones float to the top. That will cause them to heat up unevenly in the tank, which will affect the overall taste and quality of the vape juice.

7. Learn How to Properly Store Vape Juice 

Learning how to store vape juices is crucial for maintaining their rich taste. Exposure to sun, air, and high temperatures can completely change their flavor and ruin your vaping experience. 

You’ll want to store the bottles in a dark, cold place. A drawer will do, but you might want to consider leaving them in the fridge or freezer. Don’t worry; while the vape juice might thicken up, it won’t freeze solid. 

8. Keep Everything Tightly Sealed 

Most vape juices come in a 10ml bottle, while most vape tanks can hold only about 2ml of liquid. So, it’s likely that you won’t use up the entire bottle of e-juice in one go. 

Since you’ll have excess liquid in the bottle, it’s quite important to properly close it before storing it away. Not only will that prevent any potential leaks in your drawer, pocket, or fridge, but it will keep the vape juice as fresh as ever. 

And speaking of keeping everything sealed, you’ll also want to ensure that your tank, coils, and mouthpiece are all nice and tight. Otherwise, the vape juice is likely to escape through the cracks and leak out. 

The Bottom Line 

By following these tips, you’ll enjoy your vape juice to the fullest. You’ll get the best taste, the most pleasant throat hit, and the most enjoyable vaping experience. 

So, give these tips a try, and change your vape session for the better. 

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