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My Rolling Papers Won't Stick? What's Going On Here?

My Rolling Papers Won't Stick? What's Going On Here?

October 16, 2020

A common issue many run into with their rolling papers is that they just won't stick right. This is usuallly from you actually licking all of the glue off. Most people don't realize that all you need is a very light lick from the tip of you tongue to get a solid bond. Another issue can be the papers themselves as some brands are more consistent then others with quality of their products....unfortunately not every pack is equal.

If you're still having trouble with your papers sticking there are some tips and tools to get around this. 

1. Use a Joint Roller: Joint rollers are an easy and consistent way to roll your favorite joints and tend to help avoid over licking or missrolling problems. Check out our Elements Joint Rollers

2. Redo the Glue: If you suspect there wasn't enough glue to begin with you can try products like our Tasty Puff Wrap Glue to add some stick to your papers.

3. Candy?: You can always try the old candy trick by eating an Altoid candy, or some other sticky candy when you roll a joint and then lick your lips and the sugar will keep the paper glued shut. Another plus is it gives your jay a hint of minty flavor.

If your still having difficulties it might be time to switch to some pre-rolled cones. Our newest addition of King Palm Pre-Rolls are a great option to consider. 


Drew M.Bowser

Drew M.Bowser said:

Really good and informative article because i gain a lot of knowledge about best pre roll packing . Thanks!


Taz said:

I got so frustrated with the rizzla paper not sticking, I gave up smoking. Thank you Rizzla!!!

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