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Glass Care Basics: How to Make Your Glass Last

Glass Care Basics: How to Make Your Glass Last

February 01, 2022

We sell a whole lot of Glass at Mary Jane's HQ and we decided to pass along a few tips and pointers for Glass Care that will hopefully make your glass last as long as possible. 

1: Set up a Station

We know that not everyone lives a life of luxury and can keep their beautiful Bongs, Pipes and Rigs out in the open, but if you can, this is one of the best and most important steps for caring for your glass.

This means having a separate storage area just for your glassware (glass and wood cabinets are ideal for storage) as well as a "Smoke Station" for when you are using your glass.  If you want to double up on security, its never a waste of time to invest in a foam mat or area rug to place around your Smoke Station. 

So how does the ideal "Smoke Station" look? What do you need?

Rig Station by Matriarch l Custom Wooden Dab Tray Bong & Dab | Etsy

The most basic set up is to have a light (or maybe a couple), hemp wick (not a necessity but it is nice) Cotton Swabs (for cleaning on the go), Isopropyl Alcohol (in a bottle or wipes), a soft surface for your glass to rest on (check out our selection of dab and glass mats), a grinder and of course, weed!

Now this is just the basic set up of course and if you want to really deck out your set up check out some of our accessories.

2: Avoid the Cold

Glass and cold don't go together. One of the most common mistakes made with glassware is to leave it outside or in a cold garage over night. DO NOT DO THIS! Even the smallest amount of water can freeze and cause cracks. Also the more contact your glass has with the cold the more it will contract and expand when you light up which can add stress points to the glass and make it that much easier to break. So the best move is to keep your glass inside. If you have to leave it in the cold then do yourself and your glass a favor and wrap it in a sweater or something to keep it warm. 

3: Lube Your Tubes!

Glass expands and contracts from changes in temperature. Another very common issue with glass care is breaking your bowl or downstem right at the joint because they have locked together. This is often a result of the glass fusing due to a combination of expansion, contraction and a moisture trap. The best move to avoid this is lube up. You can use either some sort of oil (we use coconut or olive oil) or any wax lip balm (there's also joint wax) and grease both joint ends so they will slide free with ease every time. This is probably one of the most helpful tips for keeping all your glass intact for the long hall.

4: Clean and Care

We've already written up a great piece on general cleaning and glass care so check it out!

If you follow these tips you should be set up for success and then you'll only be buying new glass to add to your collection instead of replacement pieces from us.  

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