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Top 10 Pipes of 2022

Top 10 Pipes 2022

May 13, 2022

There are a lot of different ways to enjoy your Weed these days but good old fashioned pipes are still one of the favorites for convenience, portability and price when it comes to getting high. We've put together a list of our favorite pipes we currently carry based on quality, price and style.

But before we get into the best of the best, there's some basics to understand when it comes to the four main materials pipes are made from, and the pros and cons of each.


Metal pipes are damn near indestructible and usually come apart easily for cleaning but there are a few things to be aware of when choosing metal for weed. When it comes to both flavor and cleaning metal is not ideal as metal oxidizes when heated making them difficult to get back to that "Brand New Clean" feel and this in turn makes them taste a little more rugged than other alternatives. So while metal may be a great option for being cheap and durable, maybe not an ideal choice for smoking your good weed out of.


Wood is a classic pipe material and a great option for tobacco, but for weed it has some drawbacks. Like metal cleaning and taste will be an issue over time and also like metal, wood doesn't do a great job of cooling the smoke before it hits your lungs. If you are hell bent on using wood pipes though for that sweet aesthetic feel, then use a little hack of using tobacco resin to clean and maintain the pipe (much like a patina for cooking pans).


Silicone is durable, inexpensive and usually quite easy to clean (use the hack of throwing your silicone in the freezer and simply crunching out any resin or debris). That being said, silicone has some of the same issues when it comes to cooling and taste so this would be another option to avoid for really high quality bud.


When it comes to smoking weed glass is king for a reason. Glass is the most inert material you can use for smoking which means it will offer the cleanest taste. On top of that glass is also the easiest to clean (you can use either hot water or isopropyl alcohol) and does the best job of cooling the smoke before it hits your lungs. If you want quality, always go glass, and if you are a little on the clumsy side then an easy solution is to invest in a nice soft or hard case for your glassware. 

So now that you know what's what about pipes...let's see this year's best!

10: J3 Journey Pipe 3

Yes these pipes are metal, and yes they rule. While normally we would recommend avoiding metal pipes, these Journey Pipes have a unique design that makes them easy to clean and take apart, requires no screens and hits rather smooth. If these pipes seem a little pricey you can check out their cheaper version, the Maze Magnetic 4" Slider Pipes.


J3 Journey Pipe 3

9: LIT Silicone Hand Pipe

These inexpensive little pipes are a great option for the toker on the go. They come with a removable metal bowl which makes them easy to clean and a lid, so you won't make a mess in your pocket. These pipes may not impress your friends but they are a good functional and affordable option when you need to smoke quick on the cheap.

8: Chris Creations Wooden Pipes

If you're going to go wood, choose the good wood. These locally made wood pipes have a stunning finish that makes them easy to clean and maintain and they hit as good as wood can. These are great option if you want to support local and enjoy that lovely wood aesthetic feel.

8: Chris Creations Wooden Pipes

7: Red Eye Glass Solid Colour Glass Hand Pipe w/ Built-In Ashcatcher & Screen

Red Eye Glass has done a great job earning their stellar reputation as a glass brand by producing quality glass at an affordable price. These 4.5" long Pipes featuring a built in ash catcher and screen allow you to keep your pipe clean and fresh with limited hassle. These pipes also come in a variety of beautiful colors so pick the one that suits you best!

7: Red Eye Glass Solid Colour Glass Hand Pipe w/ Built-In Ashcatcher & Screen

6: Mug Pipes

There's no better way to start you day than with a nice wake and bake or a cup of coffee...well now you can do both at once. These fun mug pipes each feature a pipe in the handle along with a functional cup for your morning Joe. Whether you're a Stoner Penguin person or a Stoner Dad or Mom, we've got a mug pipe for you. Just don't forget where to put the coffee and where to smoke the weed!

Mug Pipes

5: Cheech Glass 5" Aluminum Glass Handpipe

These 5" pipes from Cheech Glass offer the best of both worlds for the person who doesn't want to choose between glass or metal. Metal casing on the outside for durability and glass tubing on the inside for easy cleaning and smooth taste. If you feel you want an even smoother hit, check out the Bubbler Version

Cheech Glass 5" Aluminum Glass Handpipe

4: Lethal Glassworks Pipes & Bubblers

We love to support local as much as possible and this local BC Badass Lady make pipes that are, as the name implies, Lethal. Her pipes come in a wide range of styles and prices and each feature beautiful glass quality and coloring and make for great collection pieces. 

 Lethal Glassworks Pipes & Bubblers

3: T.H.C. Glassworks Short Stem Pipes

Another local glass blower, Tyler (T.H.C. Glassworks) actually blows his glass right next door to our Kelowna location. These Short Stem Pipes come in either clear or bright colors that really pop and they of such high quality that they are shock resistant. 

T.H.C. Glassworks Short Stem Pipes


2: Hidden Village Creations Pipes (Mike's Pipes)

Like Tyler, Mike (Hidden Village Creations) also blows glass right next door to our Kelowna Shop. Each of these pieces is a one of a kind piece and all are shock resistant (check out our Instragram). These are our highest selling pipe for a reason and another great way to support local.

Hidden Village Creations Pipes (Mike's Pipes)


1: Hidden Village Creations Fancy Frit Pipes

It's all the same great quality and coloring that you can expect from all of Mike's Pipes, but these beauties are for the collectors. If you want a pipe that makes you feel like a king then check out these Fancy beauties. Get them while supplies last! 

 Hidden Village Creations Fancy Frit Pipes

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