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Top 10 Bongs Of 2022

Top 10 Bongs Of 2022

May 16, 2022

It's been another year of feedback from our customers and a lot of "product testing" from our staff to bring you this year's top 10 bongs that have come through the store.

10: No Logo 12" Straight Tube Bong

These No Logo pieces were in our Top 10 last year and they're still one of our top sellers and best received bongs. These pieces are all function, no frills and are great for sticker lovers. 

No Logo 12" Straight Tube Bong

9: Hoss Glass 9" Mini Beaker Bong

If you're looking for a something small and compact then these Hoss pieces are a perfect choice. These cute mini bongs come in a variety of colors that really pop and feature Hoss's quality glass. 

Hoss Glass 9" Mini Beaker Bong

8: Nice Glass 12.5" 3D-Wrapped Beaker Bongs

This glass lives up to the name "Nice Glass" and each of these 3D-Wrapped Beakers features a unique design that really stands out (get it because it's 3D). Each of these pieces also features thick 9mm glass so it feels solid and sturdy. 

7: Castle Glassworks Logo Beaker Bongs

These plain logo beakers from Castle Glass are their most basic beaker bongs, but that does not mean they are any less impressive. All of these beakers have an extra thick base at 15mm and while Castle Glass may be one of the newest brands we carry it is quickly becoming our top seller.

6: Milkyway Glass Empathetic Beaker Bong

Milkyway is still one of our top selling and top quality glass brands we carry and these 9mm thick 15” beakers are a real standout from their Bio-Tech Collection. The design depicts the pathways the heart takes when communicating via metaphysical frequencies {Trivia: widely unknown, the Milkyway heart icon is an upside-down bud.}. 

5: WENEED 15" Devhorn Beaker Bongs

Another newer brand to our selection, WENEED is also fast becoming a contender for our top brands and these Devhorn Beakers are a great example of their quality. With their extra large bases, these 15" pieces will offer a smooth hit and the maximum amount of water in the chamber. 

4: Hoss 18" Tri-Section Platinum Banded Beaker Bong

Another set of beautiful pieces from Hoss Glass, these 18" Tri-Section Beakers have always been top quality and now with the new Milk Blue, Pink and Purple colors, these pieces really stand out from the rest.

3: Stundenglass Gravity Bong - Kompact Edition

The Stündenglass® Gravity Bong / Hookah now comes in a more compact size with a carrying case in the Kompact Edition. While these pieces are significantly more expensive, these sophisticated and elegantly designed 360° rotating glass hookah/bongs generate kinetic motion activation via cascading water displacement, opposing airflow technology and the natural force of gravity.  

2: 13" Cat Bong by Cheech Glass W/ 12mm Base

Every stoner loves kitties and these Cat Bongs from Cheech Glass were an old favorite and now this design has been brought back with a nice thick 12mm base. Pick up one of these collectors pieces before they disappear again. 

1: Empire Glassworks Flagship Bongs

These Flagship Beaker Bongs from Empire Glassworks are real standouts with their adorable Empire designs and thick functional glass. Whether you like Space or Forests, there is a design for you. These pieces are always in short supply so get one when you can and you will be the envy of your stoner friends. 

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