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Staff Favorites - February 2021

MJHQ Staff Picks

February 26, 2021

Because our staff see so many awesome accessories, vaporizers, pipes and bongs we thought we'd share some of our monthly favorites based on overall pricing, performance and sales volume....some pieces move fast so we thought we'd share the best before they're gone.

Amanda's Favorites:

1. Nice Glass 14" Microscope Bong

Nice Glass Microscope Bong
"Biology was one of my favorite classes when I was a kid and so this bong just speaks to me. Not only is the style unique but the quality of the glass is top notch. I just wish they had it in Pink."

2. Frosted Beehive Beaker Bong

Frosted 13" Beehive Beaker Bong

"I'm a sucker for Bee's and these little guys are a really nice affordable option for an on-the-go bong....they also make great car-bongs."

3. Milky Way Glass Femme Samurai Beaker Bong

Milky Way Glass Femme Samurai Beaker Bong

"This is one of the few pieces worth saving up for. It may be pricey but the quality and the artistry makes it well worth it."

Visit us or call to check for stock!

4. Gear Premium 10" Tall Mini Swiss Globe Dab Rig W/UFO Perc

Gear Premium 10" Tall Mini Swiss Globe Dab Rig W/UFO Perc

"I'm a sucker for a swiss globe style set up and these pieces from Gear are one of the best we carry. I find the colors really pop on these pieces as well."

5. Hidden Village Frit Glass Pipes

Hidden Village Fruit Glass Pipes

"I think Mike (Hidden Village Glass Blower) continues to make some of my favorite hand blown pieces and his frit pipes specifically are amazing. His pipes have a great hand feel and some even have locally panned gold infused into them which creates a pretty unique galaxy look."


Sam's Favorites:

1. Stundenglass Gravity Bong

"I picked up one of the pieces for myself a while back and am still blown away by the quality of this device. It's smooth, easy to clean and it get's me so much more high than any bong I own. I can't wait for the wall mount to come in stock so I can complete my set up. Yes it's pricey but you get what you pay for."

Stundenglass Gravity Bong


2. Pulsar 4" Isopropyl Cleaning Station

"These little guys are essential for any dab set up. Keeps everything nice and tidy and I like that there's some fun color options."

Pulsar 4" Isopropyl Cleaning Station

3. Pulsar Gumball Machine Dab Rig

"These pieces are both affordable and high quality and I get great reactions from my buddies every time I pull these out. Pulsar has really been stepping up their game these days."

Pulsar Gumball Machine Dab Rig


4. G Pen Connect / Yocan Torch

"Both work great with the Stundenglass Gravity Bong. The G Pen is a little bit better for quality and taste but I like the pricing and the different coil options for the Yocan Torch. Both are also just a nice and handy for dabbing out of any rig or bong without all the hassle of a torch and banger."

G Pen Connect


5. Octave Terp Timer

"Another must have for any serious dabber. Again a little pricey but well worth it for getting that perfect terp taste every time."

Octave Terp Timer


Taylor's Favorites:

1. DaVinci IQ2 Dry Herb Vaporizer

"These are proving to be the best overall dry herb vaporizers we sell. The quality of the build, price point, warranty and vapor quality are all top tier and these are definitely the best dry herb vapes when it comes to cleaning. As for the concentrate attachment, use it occasionally and its great but if you use it too much I find it starts to wear down the battery and the performance suffers."

DaVinci IQ2 Dry Herb Vaporizer


2. Cheech and Chong Glass 15" 7mm Commemorative 50th Anniversary Beaker Bong

"You can't be into cannabis without loving Cheech & Chong and these special 50th Anniversary edition bongs are not only a great way to show your support of the original stoners. but are also really high quality pieces. They'll only have a 50th Anniversary once."

Cheech and Chong Glass 15" 7mm Commemorative 50th Anniversary Beaker Bong


3. Pharmako/Dynamis by Dale Pendell

"If you're looking to expand your knowledge on psychedelics this book is a must read. His take on psychedelics and plant lore will have you looking at the world in a whole new light." 

Pharmako/Dynamis by Dale Pendell


4. MouthPeace Starter Kit

"My lady has asthma and used to really struggle clearing the chamber and had a bad case of morning with these beauties her lungs feel healthier and she can take bigger hits with ease. These are a real game changer for any bong smoker."

MouthPeace Starter Kit


5. Big Mushroom Ashtray w/ Storage

"I love the look of these ashtrays and having the storage for lighters, wicks or papers is a great add on. So glad these are back in stock though they do sell fast."

6. Gravity B Cosmo 13" Tall Gravity Bong

"As far as portable, low-maintenance gravity bongs go, this one is a win. It has plenty of room to fill with water for a super smooth hit."

Gravity B Cosmo 13" Tall Gravity Bong


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