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Best Bong Cleaners 2021

Dirty Bong

February 23, 2021

Cleaning bongs can sometimes be tedious, difficult or outright dangerous, but if you're serious about your weed and about your glassware, cleaning is the most essential task there is to ensure a quality bong hit every time....well having good weed is technically the most essential but cleaning is a close second!

So what bong cleaners work best?

Top 5 Best Bong Cleaners

Below is our list of top bong cleaners and cleaning products. This includes information like which cleaners to use in which situation as many have different purposes.

1. Orange Chronic Super Hero Bong Cleaner
Orange Chronic 16oz

When it comes to consistency and quality of cleaning, Orange Chronic is still the number one go to for bong cleaners. This is a standard alcohol based cleaner and works well on Bongs, Rigs, Silicone, Ceramic and Metal. This cleaner is also more eco-friendly than most other bong cleaners and doesn't leave behind a heavy odor or taste. One trick for using this cleaner is to always use in combination with hot water as this helps remove resin build up easier.

Applications: 5/5
Can be used on Bongs, Rigs, Pipes, Silicone, Ceramic and Metal

Quality: 4/5 
Great for daily and weekly cleaning though won't work for really gritty pieces.

Price: 4/5 
There are cheaper cleaners...

Environmentally Friendly: 4/5

Base: Alcohol

* Use the Orange Chronic 410 Cleaner for Rigs and Concentrates Pieces Specifically

Orange Chronic 410 Cleaner

2. Piece Water Resin Prevention

Piece Water

While Piece Water may not necessarily be a cleaner, it's unique proprietary blend of safe-all- natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts work to prevent resin from forming on your bong, water pipe, or bubbler, thus keeping it from getting dirty in the first place. It’s also 100% All Natural and Absolutely Non-Toxic!

Add Piece Water to a clean bong and your bong will remain clean and clear from resin build up. When you are ready to change your bong's piece water simply rinse your pipe with tap water and it will be clean! In addition, Piece Water acts as a filter of particulate matter, which may make for a healthier smoke.

Applications: 5/5
Bongs, Rigs and Bubblers

Quality: 4/5 
Great as a pre-cleaner but does not act as a cleaner

Price: 3/5
A little pricey but worth it for a fresh hit every time

Environmentally Friendly: 5/5

Proprietary blend of safe-all- natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts

3. Randy's Black Label Cleaner

Randy's Black Label
Randy's Black Label is quickly becoming one of the best selling cleaners on the market and this is primarily due to its ability to remove even the toughest and grungiest stains and will make your rugged old bong look brand new. This is not only one of the fastest acting cleaners we sell but is also close to being the cheapest. One note of warning though is that this product has an alcohol and acetone base so don't do your nails before cleaning and rinse thoroughly afterwards. 

Applications: 3/5
Bongs, Rigs, Bubblers and Metal (no silicone, no acrylic, no ceramic)

Quality: 4/5
Great as a heavy duty cleaner but a bit overkill for daily cleaning

Price: 5/5
One of the cheapest cleaners we carry

Environmentally Friendly: 3/5
It's kind of chemically

Alcohol and Acetone

* We also sell Randy's Green Label which is the earth friendly and reusable version of their glass cleaner. To reuse the solution just filter out the solid particles and rebottle the cleaner. Discard it when it is no longer effective. Randy’s Green Label is THE environmentally friendly and biodegradable glass cleaner of choice.
Randy's Green Label

4: Dark Crystal Cleaner

Dark Crystal Cleaner
Dark Crystal Cleaner is an amazing cleaner and an essential product for any dab aficionado. This cleaner is safe for acrylic, glass, quartz, ceramic, and non painted metals and is the best for cleaning warm quartz bangers. Made from 100% plant-based materials this cleaner contains no phosphates and is non-toxic and odorless making it perfect for maintaining a clean rig. 

Applications: 3/5
Acrylic, glass, quartz, ceramic, and non painted metals (mainly for bangers bowls and parts, not the rigs or bongs themselves)

Quality: 4/5
Perfect for cleaning bangers and bowls though it won't clean your bong

Price: 4/5
Not the cheapest but there is a range of size formats

Environmentally Friendly: 5/5
It's clean!

100% Plant Based Materials

5: Purple Power Original Cleaner

Purple Power Original Cleaner
Purple Power Original Cleaner may have a longer soak time (45 minutes) than some other cleaners, but this is one of the few glass cleaners that is also safe to use on more delicate acrylic pieces. There are no brushes or picks required to work with this cleaning product. The cleaning is simple, and the product is re-usable and biodegradable.

Applications: 3/5
Bong, Rigs, Acrylic, glass, quartz, ceramic, and non painted metals

Quality: 3/5
It's a great soaker though not great if you're in a hurry

Price: 5/5
Near the cheapest cleaner we carry

Environmentally Friendly: 4/5
It's clean...ish

Alcohol + 100% Natural Formula

* Try the Purple Power Instant Formula for faster cleaning results or the Purple Power 710 Formula for Rigs and Concentrate Pieces.

Purple Power Instant FormulaPurple Power 710 Formula

Honorable Mentions:

Resin Demon Cleaner:  (Great alternative for Orange Chronic)

Resin Demon Glass Cleaner was developed to replace the isopropyl formulated glass cleaners, being made from an ethoxylated alcohol base and designed to break down proteins with out leaving a residue or after taste like many alternative cleaners. Resin Demon glass cleaner can be used on any surface water can be used on, Its great for use on big pieces and smaller pieces and it's also made in Canada!
Resin Demon Bong Cleaner

Rez Block Concentrate: (Great Alternative for Piece Water)

Rez Block Concentrate is added to your water to prevent resin from sticking to the glass, and instead floats in the water allowing you to pour out that gunk. Effortlessly keep your water pipe in pristine condition with up to 120 uses in the large bottle of RezBlock. Contains Fruit Extracts, Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, and Citric Acid.


RezBlock Cleaner


Isopropyl Acohol:

The OG of cleaners. Simple and works great in combination with coarse salt.

Isopropyl Alcohol 99

Grunge Off Cleaner: (Great Alternative to Purple Power)

Grunge Off Bong Cleaner is an exclusive formulation designed to cut through grunge and tar residues with ease, leaving glass water pipes and pipes clean and scratch-free, Due to the unique non-abrasive formulation Grunge Off is a cleaning technology that protects your glass collection from tiny invisible scratches as it uses no grit or salt in its cleaning action.
Grunge Off Cleaner
Don't forget to check out some of our other cleaning accessories like the Scrubber Ducky's Magnetic Cleaner, Resolution Silicone Cleaning Caps or Bong Brushes

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