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Top 10 College Student Essentials

Top 10 College Student Essentials

August 21, 2022

With the school year creeping up it's easy to feel as though summer is coming to an end, but rest assured there is no reason to slip back into the winter blues just yet. Mary Janes offers some of the best products for making your trip back to school something to look forward to rather than fret. Ranging from all the newest brand merch to easy, sneaky smoke stashes that make toking on the way to classes more efficient than ever. Take a peak below at the top 10 back to school essentials we've hand selected to make your trip back so much more enjoyable. 

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10: Mary Jane's & Bong Brand Apparel 

No one can deny that the best part of back to school shopping is getting to showcase your style and personality with new clothes. Here at Mary Janes we have some of the coolest new bong and paper branded apparel as well as our own. Start your year off with some new pieces that are a fresh as you are. 

9: Rolling Trays

As we all know rolling can get messy, and the last thing you want is weed all over your brand new dorm room right? Well lucky for you we just brought in a whole new collection of some of the dopest rolling trays we've seen on the market. We have a wide range of styles, perfect for anyone looking to spice up there smoking set up and not waste that sweet dank. 

8: 510 Batteries

Now a days there's about a million different ways of consuming cannabis, but by far one of the easiest and most efficient ways is THC carts. Whether it's on your way to class or you're feeling lazy and just don't wanna leave the dorm for a toke these guys are your best option. We carry a variety of  battery options perfect for those sneaky, heavy hitting tokes you desire.  

7: Freaker Beaker by Gear

This little beauty here is smooth as can be and the perfect compact bong for packing away in the dorm closet or bringing down for the party. At a super affordable price, for such nice, high quality glass you can't go wrong making this your new go to piece. Between you and your roommates this baby will knock your socks right off. 

6: Storage Jars 

Storage Jars are a must have for any stoner out there looking to keep their product at the peak moisture levels for the best smooth smoke. With a wide array of styles we have something that will match any aesthetic you're looking to go for. Not only will these look cute in your new space, but the freshness of your cannabis will blow your mind. Another stoner tip for the day is adding one of our Boveda Packs to your newly purchased stash jar and never fret about dry, crusty weed again. 

5: Dime Bag Smell Proof Bags 

Looking for something to spice up your look that is also organic and durable? Look no further, Dime Bag is the brand for you! Made with a organic hemp and polyester blend these bags were built to last, while still being conscious of the environment. They have also went ahead and lined the entire interior of the bag with 100% organic cotton for easy cleaning. Each of their more popular styles also comes with a smell proof/spill proof hidden stash pocket, so sneaky even you might not be able to find it let alone anyone else. Head down to Mary Jane's now and cop yourself one of these bad boys to start the new year in style. 

 4: Happy Kits

If you're looking for the perfect, compact and most affordable way to fill all your smoking needs you have to check out these Happy Kits. Coming in various sizes there's an option out there that will fit any stoners needs. All cases are completely sealed to be smell proof, and come with a foil lined pocket perfect for storing any cannabis products. You can find all the styles available to you on our website, go check them out you won't be disappointed.  

3: Medtainers

Although these grinders don't look like much, don't underestimate them. Medtainer was originally created for medical patients, but since then they have blown up in numerous other industries, especially cannabis. They are smell proof and also made of FDA approved medical grade plastic that is environmentally safe. From personal experience these are the best for on the go, I never leave home without mine. Come pick one up and experience the magic for yourself. 

2: One Hitters and Dugouts

As stoners we all know how nice it is to take a little toke when you're out and about. Well Ryot just so happens to have some of the nicest well made dugouts that are perfect for just that. They come in a range of styles and colours from wood to metal and even acrylic. These little guys are seriously the best for those quick, little, sneaky tokes you desire. The metal cases even come with a bottle opener making them a huge hit for camping or campus parties. 

1: Smoke Buddies 

Last but certainly not least we have smoke buddies! These little things are a magical godsend, made with an activated carbon core they eliminate all smoke, odor and pollutants from the air you push through it. This means they are beyond perfect for smoking indoors, they keep the dirty smoke stains away just as well as the smell! Smoke buddy offers a variety of sizes, colour options and material options. The company itself is amazing and they do a ton of charity work and take part in many community programs in their local city. I highly recommend you head over and grab yourself one of these babies! 


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