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Top 10 Cheech & Chong Products

Top 10 Cheech & Chong Products

May 24, 2022

Happy May 24th and Happy Birthday Tommy Chong! We thought we would celebrate Chong's Birthday this year by going through the 10 best products to come out of Cheech & Chong Glass, not to be confused with Cheech Glass....that's a whole other thing (look into it). There's no better way to celebrate Tommy Chong's Birthday then lighting up with a beautiful piece of Cheech & Chong Glass. 

10: Cheech & Chong "Third Degree" Beaker Bong

Hey man, are you tired of getting the first, second, and third degree? Get high instead with the 'Third Degree' Beaker Bong from Cheech & Chong Glass. These are an older piece from Cheech & Chong Glass making them more of a collector piece now and if you're not into the beaker style, there is also a straight tube option.

9: Cheech & Chong Dodger Glass Hand Pipe

Bringing another glass pipe style back from the dead, these part-glazed and part-sandblasted pipes were always a popular choice in our cabinets - we're just happy to have them back! These frosted-tipped hand pipes makes us want to get out of what we need to do and just enjoy this pipe. That makes us a dodger. These pipes even come with a limited edition Cheech & Chong® Glass Collectible Tin with a foam insert and a Cheech & Chong® Glass Sticker.

8: Cheech & Chong Gold Decal 14mm Bong Bowl

No Cheech & Chong bong is complete without a matching bowl. These 14mm bowls feature a slick gold-based decal of the stoner comedy giants, Cheech & Chong, that will be sure to add that extra level of fancifulness to whatever kind of bong you're rocking!  An excellent accessory if you've broken you're bong bowl or just need a bong cone to class up your bong.

7: Cheech & Chong Moustache Ride Glass Hand Pipe

Arguably one of the best moustaches in film, ever. The “Moustache Ride” hand pipe is all about Cheech Marin! Let’s face it, you’ll never have a moustache like Cheech Marin’s so you need to add this to your hand pipe collection!

6: Cheech & Chong 15.5" Pedro's Request Tube Bong

15.5" Pedro's Request Tube

Okay, you got that man? I'm requesting a 15.5" straight tube with a showerhead perc and a Cheech & Chong® Glass decal. Oh, and I want to dedicate it to Sofia Ramona Gutierrez and also her sister Debbie. These bongs are not only smooth and functional but like many Cheech & Chong products, they are a great throwback reference to the stoner comedy we all love. 

5: Cheech & Chong Pendant Hand Pipe W/ Gold Accent Logo & Necklace

There's nothing more convenient than a pipe that is also a necklace. For the true hippie stoner on the go, these pipes are must have. 

4: Cheech & Chong Logo Dugout with Matching Bat

Cheech & Chong® Glass Locking Twist Dugout (Assorted Wood Grains)

Time to load up the fibreweed van and hit the road! Now you can take your stash to go with these handy Cheech & Chong® Glass Dugouts. Each one includes a brass-tipped wooden bat to match the dugout and has a lockable twist top to keep your stash safe and secure. Face it, sometimes convenience and discretion is key. 

3: Cheech & Chong Labrador Glass Hand Pipes

7.5'' Labrador Grande Hand Pipe

It's like you're smoking the fattest blunt there is...but its actually a smooth glass pipe. This one is going to grab you by the Boo Boo. Appearing like the famous item, the Labrador comes in either a 6” or 7.5" long size and will make your stash taste delicious! You’ll think you’re still moving when you’re actually parked.

2: Cheech & Chong 15" Don't Bug Me Double Donut Tube Bong

15" Don't Bug Me Double Donut Tube

Like Goldilocks, you've got to find the size and style that's just right. The Single Donut isn't quite big or smooth hitting enough. The Triple Donut is a little too big and intimidating. These Double Donut Beaker Bongs from Cheech & Chong Glass seem to be the "just right" size when it comes to size and performance. 

1: Cheech & Chong 7mm Commemorative 50th anniversary Beaker Bongs

The iconic comedy stoner duo, Cheech & Chong, celebrates their 50th Anniversary of cultural success with the limited release of three collectible bongs. This is the thickest piece from Cheech & Chong Glass at 7mm and each piece features original colorful artwork by award-winning artist, Billy Perkins, commemorating the originators of counterculture. Not only are these beauties one of the highest quality pieces from Cheech & Chong Glass but they are also great collector pieces. 

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