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Why is my grinder not working right anymore?

Why is my grinder not working right anymore?

September 30, 2013

"My grinder is acting up! It seems that all it's capable of doing is grinding my material into tough, tiny balls. Is my grinder broken or something?"

First off, take a breath. Your grinder's certainly not broken! I've heard of this problem before and it's actually a common occurrence for grinders over time. 

Should you run into this issue – ask yourself a question: “Is my plant material dry?”. 

If it's not, what's happening is that all of the moisture in your material is getting squashed out by the constant grinding. Leading to pocketed deposits of moister that cause patches of gunk, which can glob onto any drier material.  

What this accumulation can look like is often tiny little balls of resin and just general awfulness abound. Next time, before you grind – take a gander at your herb: bone dry = good time!  If not, put it in the freezer and the cold air inside will suck out some of that nastiness for you overnight!


By Nathan Bil, Mary Jane's Headquarters staff writer

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