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What are some of the best quality grinders or shredders?


July 22, 2013

I find the higher-end models, though pricier, give you the best bang for your buck in the long run of owning a grinder. You are going to be using this thing a lot over a VERY long period of time (unless you “misplace” it), so it's worth slapping down a little extra mola on a higher quality model. That being said...

#3: Sharpstone Grinders

I personally find that Sharpstone grinder is a good brand with their good quality and pretty agreeable price. Just don't be an abusive fool with it and you'll be set for years!

#2: Kannastor Grinders

Next up would be the Kannastor family. The quality is a definite step upwards compared to the Sharpstone shredder... but the price also follows suit. Kannastor grinder has some rather unique things going for it making it a savvy choice. The Kannastor grinder has an extra deep storage container (one of the deepest out there) and the screen is entirely replaceable!  I have seen a cascade of grinder models over the years and this is a seldom-seen feature!

#1 Santa Cruz Shredders

Finally, my top pick is the extensive line of Santa Cruz Shredders.  I can talk about their proprietary tooth design, or their superior medical-grade components, or their literal immaculate machining; but honestly, all you need to do is simply hold one, and you'll know exactly why a Santa Cruz Shredder is my top pick!


By Nathan Bil, Mary Jane's Headquarters staff writer.

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