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My bowl keeps sticking to my downstem and I'm sick of cleaning it. What else can I do?

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July 22, 2013

By Nathan Bil, Mary Jane's Headquarters staff writer.

Problems like that with a glass-on-glass setup (assuming that's what you have) usually suffer from one of two problems:

If you were particularly unlucky, one of your glass joints could contain a physical flaw that's causing the pieces to stick. Because an ideal glass-on-glass connection depends on the joints fitting perfectly, if there's even as much as a few microns of a difference in the thickness of the glass, it'd be enough to seize up on you. Depending on how bad the flaw is it could potentially seize up on you forever.  I've seen it happen firsthand. It sucks.

HOWEVER:  As we keep climbing the evolutionary glassware ladder of excellence, this flaw is popping up less and less frequently.  Best-case (and the more likely) scenario, is your sticking issue is caused by intense resin build-up.

Resin build-up is the antithesis of a good smoking time.  Just give your frosted joints a thin layer of petroleum jelly to smooth out that transition.  It's kinda gross, yes... but zero complaints will be had when you find out how well it works! Even using a bit of your chap stick would work if you were a little desperate and downtrodden. MacGyver acolytes, ho!


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