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Orange Chronic ruined my metal grinder! What happened?

Orange Chronic Cleaner

July 22, 2013

Orange Chronic is ideally meant to clean glass, but it is also capable of handling metal grinders as well. As for wrecking metal grinders (I'm assuming yours was coloured), I've heard this story many times before and they all contain the same fatal flaw:  

Orange Chronic is meant for fast applications, NOT FOR SOAKING!  Orange Chronic owes it's formidable cleaning power to it's chemical constituent, isopropyl alcohol.  This solvent is very potent and if given the chance to soak for an extended period will seep into the metal and strip off any anodized colouring that it touches – leaving your grinder looking both tattered and unusable.

The Orange Chronic label states that it's intended to be used for only one minute.  Okay, it doesn't necessarily say you CAN'T let it soak... but it also doesn't emphatically encourage you to do so, either.  

If you prefer to soak your goodies overnight rather than a quick one-minute swirl, we do have multiple brands of cleaners designed exactly for that!  Just be sure to read the label! 

By Nathan Bil, Mary Jane's Headquarters staff writer. 



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