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Dean Russo Puzzles

$ 19.99

Dinosaur 500 Piece Puzzle:

Despite becoming extinct 65 million years ago, the world’s fascination with dinosaurs continues. You’ll roar with pleasure when you complete this stunning Dean Russo 500 piece puzzle, celebrating the beauty of our ancient friends.

Elephant 500 Piece Puzzle:

Dean Russo's street art influenced style bursts forth from this vividly colored and beautifully designed, jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy piecing together this beautiful, colourful, and majestic creature.

Cat 500 Piece Puzzle:

This 500 piece puzzle, featuring a pensive cat portrait depicted in Dean Russo’s signature style, will win your heart. Russo whose street art influence sets him apart in the art world has a love of animals that shines through in each of his works.

Puzzle features:

  • Puzzle contains 500 pieces
  • Measures 16 x 20 when completed
  • 100% officially licensed merchandise
  • Fits in a standard sized frame