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OCB WAKIT Lithium Battery Operated Chain Grinder

$ 99.99

WAKIT, the revolutionary electronic grinder that takes a radically new approach to grinding legal herb. The result is the OCB WAKIT series, a lineup of electronic grinders that combines WAKIT’s unique next-generation grinding technology with OCB’s inimitable style. WAKIT is a next-generation electronic grinder that employs a unique "ball-and-chain" trimming mechanism that quickly and easily preps dried herbs to a uniform coarse consistency in a matter of seconds. WAKIT grinders eliminate the limitations, hassles and inconsistencies associated with traditional hand-operated grinders and makes preparing legal herb quicker, cleaner and easier than ever before.

With the simple push of a button, WAKIT’s unique spinning chain quickly separates stems and seeds from the bud and produces herb that is perfectly ground, uniform in consistency and undiminished in potency or strength. WAKIT pairs a unique ‘ball and chain’ trim line with a powerful compact drone motor to process herbs in a way that’s radically different than traditional grinders. Here’s how it works: Pressing and holding a button on top of the grinder engages the motor, which spins the trim line rapidly. The spinning motion creates a vortex, which pulls the bud upwards towards the trim line while simultaneously opening the flower by gently pulling the herb away from the stem. The rounded balls on the trim line quickly separate the herb from the stem. The balls’ rounded shape strips the herb without crushing it or pulverizing it into powder, producing a uniform grind while also preserving the delicate trichomes that produce cannabinoids and terpenes. When the button is released, the motor disengages, and the ground herb settles to the bottom of the chamber. Tough stems and seeds are left intact for easy identification and removal, leaving you with ground herb of uniform consistency for a perfect, even burn.

Features: The trim line is engaged with the simple touch of a button – easy to use with no manual twisting or turning to crush herb A few quick taps produces a uniform coarse grind. Want it finer? Then simply tap and hold the button again. The more you tap, the finer the consistency. Easy cleanup – to clean, simply wipe with a moist towelette Transparent grinding chamber illuminated by built-in LED light